Wednesday, 23 October 2013


People don`t get a chance to live more than once, and life on the earth is a single one time shot for them.
But strangely for me, I have been granted my 3rd chance to live and modify my existing life for better.
Well, the first life ever granted to me was the same as we all get by incorporation of our eternal soul in a flesh of limited time potency..It was like 6 am in the morning of 22nd october 1992  when I opened my eyes in this world.
Well that was my first chance to live in this world granted by nature.
The 2nd chance given to me by nature to live in this world for better; well I will certainly discuss that in my upcoming posts.
Coming to the soul of my post, I am writing this in order to get rid of the burden of not being able to tell anyone of how God took mercy on me and granted me yet another life and getting me out of the mouth of death, a sweet and sour fact.
This was the 2nd day of Eid ul adha , when me and my cousins went to a hilly station known as akhun baba in the suburbs of our village sherpao for a picnic planned months ago.A beautiful scenic place with waters flowing down and round the hill and a beautiful meadow along with a plateau .
We had made all the necessary arrangements and took ample amount of uncooked meat with ourselves, there we scavenged for supplies to cook our meal, we even had to steal some of the wood(khashak) from the nearby homes to light up a fire :) . We cooked ourselves a beautiful meal , ate up to our fill and offered our zuhur prayers. After resting for a while, we came down the hill and as planned jumped into the water and started bathing in the river flashing sunlight back to our eyes.
Out of seven only three had the courage to get in the water including me, and out of the three only two knew swimming excluding me.After splashing waters on each other one of our elder cousins had the courage to come down to the water making us four in total. Now he had his head started spinning due to high speed of water and we had to pull hime out of the waters to save him.
Next we planned to go to some really deep waters, my two cousins jumped from like a 20-30 feet above into water and I not have the know how of swimming entered slowly into a less shallower place and started rowing towards them, It was then when my feet started to lose the feel of weight and i literally jumped to get to a shallower place, but alas! it made it even worse and I completely lost control of myself and the water in no time took me to a whirl pool , which was the deepest place in the waters and famous for its depth(told by and old man later who witnessed all and said he wouldn`t have jumped to save his own son if he was caught in that whirl, for he knew it would cost a double then) .
I started to lose oxygen supply, as I had filled my lungs to the full as soon as I knew I was in trouble and that helped me a lot to stay in my senses. Now like any other guy i lifted my hands upwards and then pushed them downwards which helped me get to surface for such a short session that when i inhaled for oxygen i filled my lungs with water. But during the split second I had seen one of my cousins fighting hard to get to me against the flow of water.
I was now completely drowned and time for the first time I felt was dilated, I had lost all the hopes to live. When you lose all your hopes to live you get your mind to work in best possible state, while breathing water through nose and mouth I was thinking extremely sound, the time seemed dilated ,everything seemed extremely slow and then happened a something beautiful. 
It was a thought which came to my mind, it was like it had come from another dimension and put in my head.
It was as follows, "You have not completed what you were to achieve in this world and you will not die.""
One of the most strangest thoughts ever came in my mind. This gave me a new light , a new energy to fight, to struggle and to persevere to the last second, it was like oxygen was not a necessity anymore.
Suddenly i felt someone coming towards me , it was a blurred vision, as he reached near me I took hold of him placed my hand on his shoulders and pushed myself upwards with full force, I got up but not enough to reach the surface and take a breath. I had drowned my cousin with me.
 It was then when I felt someone grab my neck from behind and kick me in the back in a certain direction, and there I was feeling my feet touch the ground. and I started to go in that direction .
My head had come out of the water , my chest feeling extremely heavy and sore and body filled with water.
I saw my cousin being helped to get out of the water by the other one.

I got my 3rd chance to live .

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  1. Hahaha. I totally know the feeling you have had while drowning. We were rafting in boats once wearing our poofy lifejackets when all started jumping in water. to swim. Next moment , I was in there too. And God ! Dont ask what happened later. My lifejacket and especially my head swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Well ! My scream was loud enough to alert them. I would love to do that again !!