Wednesday, 29 April 2015

                                The power of Manifestation

Having been a student of manifestation, the mysteries that lie beyond and the realities formed by it, I have certainly not reached the epitome of the knowledge of manifestation. On the contrary the western knowledge I have been gathering for the past two years stand quite opposite to the new belief I have come to embrace recently.
Before coming to my conclusion I would briefly introduce the two opposite concepts and my reason to believe in the latter (though I am not a staunch believer of reason).
--> The western concept or whatever one calls it believes in harnessing the energy of universe by usage of  matter, material geometry and redirection of energy itself . By focusing on one`s SELF and EGO, one steps up gradually to achieve any goal by manifesting and concentrating nature`s energies on the set goal. To put this concept to work and benefit from it one absolutely have to place oneself far above other peers and believe in oneself so strongly that he/she is able to live in the would be future which he/she wants to manifest for oneself.
--> Now before coming to the second concept, the one I discovered recently , I deem it necessary to remove the curtains from the path which led me to it. 
As a kid of say 5 or 6 years I saw a dream which goes as follows," The view is of the farther end of our village home, (it is long enough that standing at one end you can`t differentiate who exactly stands at the opposite end), I see someone laying in bed as if feeling unwell. My sight zooms in on the personality and woof!! I see Hazrat Aisha (R.A) laying in bed with white dupatta. My sight zooms in further inside her chest and I now see her heart, the sights zooms in further and I witness an open Quran inside her heart with pages of Surah Yasin open in it.'' (Dream ends).
For the last two years I have been trying to interpret this dream for myself and I found one interpretor who interpreted as a personal secret kept by Allah only for you in Surah Yasin which you have to discover for yourself.
Recently in the pursuit of that very secret I stumbled upon this track , (now I can`t claim I have found that exact very secret but ) this track I am going to share is one of the most important findings of my life. The concept of manifestation explained in this track is completely opposite to how the western concept puts it. I believe whoever listens to this will be able to extract something life changing for oneself.
Here it is (the 2nd concept):

Although I must confess that both the philosophies are strong enough and both do work, which one is right and strong and acceptable. It`s up to the reader.